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Gloria Preston had a hip replacement and needed rehabilitation before she was ready to return home.


Preston arrived at Life Care Center of Wilbraham, Massachusetts, unable to walk and needing extensive assistance for bed mobility, transfers (such as from a bed to a chair or one chair to another), grooming, bathing and getting dressed. She also needed moderate assistance with her wheelchair mobility and standing balance.


“I didn’t think I would ever walk again when I first got here, but with the help of two therapists, I am doing wonderful,” said Preston.


Preston worked six days a week with Christopher Dagneault, physical therapy student, and Sonny Sopollec, occupational therapist assistant. She used the Omnicycle exercise machine to help build strength and endurance, as well as a weighted ball for core strengthening. Resistance bands, therapeutic exercises and electrical stimulation for pain were also tools that helped her recover.


By the end of her rehab stay, Preston was independent in all her mobility and self-care skills again, only needing supervision for dressing.


“I’m walking and very grateful to them,” said Preston.


Preston graduated to assisted living on March 23, 2018.